Book Review

Book Lovers

Genre – Romantic Comedy

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is a smart, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy. Nora Stephens loves her life as a New York City literary agent. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city and the thrill of making book deals for her clients. What she doesn’t love is losing her boyfriends to Hallmark Channel romances and Charlie Lastra, an editor who turned down her client’s novel.

When Nora’s sister, Libby, plans a vacation to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina (the setting of Nora’s client’s book), Nora can’t say no although she’d like to. Nora hopes to bridge the gap that’s grown between them. Imagine her surprise when she runs into Charlie Lastra. The repartee between Charlie and Nora brings to mind When Harry Met Sally. This book could easily be made into a movie, maybe it’ll even end up on the Hallmark Channel.